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Welcome! If you are interested in becoming a legal observer with NLG-MN, please complete the following steps.

1) Sign up for our Legal Observers email list. This is how you will find out about upcoming trainings and other legal observer gatherings. This mailing list is only for legal observing, and is separate from the regular NLG-MN mailing list. Sign up here.

2) After signing up for our email list, please fill out our application form. This form is necessary if you wish to participate in actions. Apply here.

3) If you are able, download and sign our legal observer confidentiality agreement. You can either email the form to us or bring it to one of our Legal Observer meetings. Hard copies will also be available at meetings and trainings for those without easy access to printers.

4) We encourage you to also read the NLG Legal Observer Training Manual before your first training.

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